TSM’s Favorite Things : July


Pardon the infrequency of my blog posts lately. The months of June and July are really my busiest months!  It is the big summer school break of the kids, and this is the time when we travel the most as a family. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I went on holiday with the fam bam in California. So this post is about the first half of that trip, the time I spent in Los Angeles. (If you want to get ahead of me and see the rest of the pics, check my Instagram account here!)

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Cream Cheese Brownie and Tiramisu Cup

edited brownie 1 copy

Since most of you liked the last recipe, the Butterscotch Nutella Filled Cookies which I posted here, allow me now to share with you two more dessert recipes that are very simple and easy to follow. These recipes are perfect for those like me who are non-pro or who are just starting to learn how to use their oven. (Guaranteed foolproof!) And because of its simplicity, even our young kids who want to try their hand in baking can easily follow these short and easy steps — making our kitchen even more fun, livelier and of course, messier! :)

I’ve never really been good at baking since I don’t like following recipes and measuring ingredients (raise your hand if you feel the same way!) So to address this concern, I simply modified the recipes of these two dessert favorites, which were handed down to me by my baker friends. Here’s hoping they would forgive me for “butchering” their recipes and just making my life a little bit less complicated!

Hope you enjoy making these with your kiddos as much as I did!

Happy weekend! xx

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Ten Things To Do In Sapporo


Remember my last post about Sapporo where I talked about My Top Food Experiences? Here is the continuation ... But this time I talk to Stephanie Zubiri of www.thegypsetters.net to talk about my favorite things to do while in Sapporo. Click … [Continue reading]

Butterscotch Nutella Filled Cookies


For those of you who have been following The Spoiled Mummy for some time now, you probably know that I can cook but I cannot bake. I am the complete irony and anti-thesis of a dessert lover who can never bake! :) No matter how many times I’ve … [Continue reading]

New Skincare and Makeup Favorites


Now that I am traveling again, I've received a lot of questions on what skincare and makeup products I bring on my long trips. While I am packing, I also research on the climate or weather of the place where I am going. This helps me in planning what … [Continue reading]

TSM’s Favorite Things : June

The Spoiled Mummy'sFavorite Things JUNE (1) copy

Half the year is almost over! I can hardly believe how fast time has flown. As we approach the second half of the year, we know for sure that this will even go faster than we can ever imagine! So before this month comes to a close, allow me to … [Continue reading]

My Top Food Experiences in Sapporo


One of my favorite places that I had the opportunity to visit last year is the snow-capped, sleepy town of Niseko in Japan. Niseko is in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, which is located in the northernmost part of Japan. It was a holiday that was … [Continue reading]

Authentic Vietnamese Food


Since I've written about this charming place in Danang in my previous post here, I am now sharing with you some of the most authentic dishes I enjoyed while in Vietnam. Vietnam is becoming more and more a "gourmet destination" nowadays. Tourists … [Continue reading]

A Charming Place in Danang, Vietnam


It has been a while since I last wrote about a trip that I have made. I love travel and the whole learning experience that I get out of it, but to sort through hundreds of photos and then write about a story... is well -- a totally different story … [Continue reading]

Tips on How to Live a Long Life

2014-02-25 23.18.25-2

We all want to live a long, healthy and happy life. This is in fact a natural human need. But more than the length of years that we desire, we also long for that good, quality life. Who doesn't want a body that's strong and full of energy? Who … [Continue reading]

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