Fresh Chocolate Discovery in Manila

Petit Chocolat - 13

Fresh and Handmade Chocolates from Petit Chocolat by Dominique

It is a given that The Spoiled Mummy loves sweet things.

Yes, I love my desserts. I can skip my meals, but not my sweet endings. And for those of you who have been reading the blog for some time now or following me on Instagram, you know how passionate I am about delicious, well-made desserts! But amongst the myriad types of desserts out there, it is CHOCOLATE that melts my heart. And when I say chocolate, it is not just any other chocolate out there – I mean the pure, unadulterated kind.

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Online Shopping at Chichi Mary


Ever since I found out that I was having a girl on my third pregnancy, I was immediately filled with excitement – and panic. Excitement because I have always dreamt of dressing her up in cute little outfits, pastel-colored dresses, frou-frou skirts and fancy mini versions of my own dresses! Meanwhile, I also panicked as the day of my delivery drew near since my friends have warned me that girls are more expensive to dress up than boys!

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MD MOMS Baby Silk : Doctor Mom Approved


Truth be told, I haven’t actually written anything in the blog about a particular children’s product that I believe in and use for my own children. Since this blog is evolving, I am slowly incorporating a few changes here and there -- and that … [Continue reading]

Homecooked Goodness by Pio’s Kitchen


Our next Homecooked Goodness feature is Pio's Kitchen by Chef Chin Bagis.  Chef Chin is both a homecook and a professional chef.  She lived in the Middle East for 6 years and travelled frequently to food-centric cities like Barcelona, Morocco, … [Continue reading]

Homecooked Goodness by Pria’s Kitchen


Next in our Homecooked Goodness food series is Pria's Kitchen by Pria Chiongbian Solon. Just like our past features, she is a home cook who has transformed her love and passion for good food into a home based business. … [Continue reading]

Homecooked Goodness by nawwTy’s Kitchen


Our next feature in the blog’s food series, Homecooked Goodness is someone who has always loved to cook for family and friends out of sheer love and passion for good food. … [Continue reading]

TSM’s Favorite Things : March

O&M all

As promised in the beginning of the year, this 2014 is all about new beginnings and changes in the The Spoiled Mummy blog! As part of these changes, here is another series I have added which I hope will be something you will look forward to … [Continue reading]

Homecooked Goodness by Chef Florabel Co

pritchon-edited copy

Our next feature in the blog's food series, Homecooked Goodness, is a familiar name in the food industry. She is a professional chef who has a lot of restaurants under her name : Crisostomo, Elias, Corazon, Felix, Florabel and the most recent, Sisa’s … [Continue reading]

Homecooked Goodness by Real Girl Toy Kitchen

all bottles

  Are there some days when you are stuck in a rut and you don't know what to cook for your family? Do you often get surprise visits from friends and you are thrown off guard not knowing what to serve them? Are you always trying to impress … [Continue reading]

Inspiring Women : Rea Gomez and Zarah Manikan

REA and ZARAH Profile

Our next two Inspiring Women are Rea Gomez and Zarah Manikan, two mummy entrepreneurs who dreamt big, pursued their passions and are now happily enjoying the benefits of their hard work. They are two friends, bound by their common love for food, who … [Continue reading]

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