About Me

Hi, I am The Spoiled Mummy!

Don’t let the name fool you: I am not a brat (as some people may be inclined to think when they come across the word “spoiled”).  I just like to indulge in the sweeter things of life, and all the delicious moments that come along with them.

I am spoiled by my husband who loves me in a way that no other person can match; I am spoiled by my kids, who lavish me with an unconditional love that amazes me each day; and I am spoiled by my constant search for good food, great travel destinations, and all things beautiful.

About The Blog

For years, friends have come to me seeking my opinion, with the recurrent dilemma of where to eat and where to travel at the top of their lists. “What are the newest restaurants nowadays?”, “Where do I get the most delicious homemade chocolate cake?”, or “What are the must-sees and must-dos in this place if we’re travelling with the kids?” became burning questions that I’d encounter on a weekly- sometimes daily- basis. Soon enough, “Why don’t you start a blog so we don’t have to bother you with all our questions?” became a common battle cry amongst family and friends.

This blog is me waving the white flag. I finally gave in to their prodding and decided to just create a space where I can happily share all that I know, and at the same time create a personal journal for me, my husband, and my children to look back on in the future when we want to relive our life’s most memorable milestones.

While this is a food and travel blog (with quaint morsels of my life in between), I should mention that my food reviews reflect my honest personal opinions and are not meant in any way to hurt or discourage, nor sway your own opinions about anything gastronomic in nature. Let’s keep this place filled to the brim with nothing but positivity, please! I am, after all, by nature a very positive (but spoiled) mummy!

Let my reviews serve as a peek into my world: a world of the wonderful tastes I’ve savored; the glorious places I’ve set foot in; and the sweet moments of being a wife and a mother that I’ve cherished, which have been my most important journeys thus far.

I hope you’ll find it every bit as sweet and as spoiled as I do.

 All images, photos, and texts are copyright of The Spoiled Mummy.







All images, photos, and texts are copyright of The Spoiled Mummy
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